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Eurocargo Logistics Group

Eurocargo Logistics Group specializes in Freight Storage – Distribution – Handling services (3PL) since 1991, when the company established its first Logistics center in Northern Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki.

Our facilities offer several different freight storage and handling options in all types of packaging:

  • Pallets
  • Carboard boxes
  • Wooden crates
  • Big Bags
  • LTL handling (groupage)
  • Containers

We also offer palletizing services. We have a special storage sector for oversized loads that cannot be stacked.



Our entire built premises and the surrounding area are covered by electronic surveillance systems and CCTV. Motion detectors, magnetic contacts, and indoor and outdoor sirens fully cover our facilities. Also noteworthy is the installation of ultraviolet beam pylons that essentially create and impenetrable “wall” on the inside of the property’s fence.
The signal reception center of the security company that covers our facilities operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It constantly monitors the connected systems and coordinates the actions of all security personnel. Furthermore, specially equipped cars that patrol our facilities guarantee the security of the property of the company and of its depositors.


Guided by the need to ensure the safety of our employees and of the goods, an anti-seismic study was carried out for the construction of the metal shelves where pallets are stored. All necessary checks were carried out for distortion, pallet sliding, and component resistance/stability. The study was conducted in compliance with all current national and EU regulations.
The shelving was installed by a crew specialized in heavy equipment.


The staff that works or moves through the storage areas is fully equipped with appropriate work coveralls, appropriate footwear, helmets, and safety vests. The use of all the above is mandatory inside the facility and any deviation from the above protective clothing measures results in strict denial of entry.

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