Transport to the Balkans


The city of Thessaloniki is known as the gateway to the Balkans. Its geographic location offers strong advantages for the establishment of a logistics hub.

Our facilities include a special closed storage sector for consignments in transit, as well as for consignments that are warehoused for very short periods of time (short stay/ easy access points). Our staff ensures the safe delivery, storage and reloading of goods on vehicles in minimum time and at affordable rates.

In 2006, Eurocargo Logistics Group, recognizing a need to expand to new countries, decided to establish operations in neighboring Bulgaria, linking Greece to the Balkan thoroughfare. Today, Eurocargo has a well-organized storage, transport and distribution network in Petrich (BG) and Sofia (BG). This central axis is very favorable for the entrance of trucks coming from Eastern Europe.

Eurocargo Logistics Group

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We provide daily routes between Greece and Bulgaria. We collaborate with Logistic Centers in Petrich and in Sofia since 2006. We cover your needs every day, from a single pallet to a full truckload.

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